Fire in Cholon

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About Tony Peluso

Born in Pennsylvania, Tony grew up in Phoenix, Ariz., where he graduated from a Jesuit prep school. Dropping out of Arizona State University after his second year, Tony volunteered for the Airborne and served in Vietnam from 1968-1969 as an enlisted paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate). Intensely motivated by his war time experiences, Tony returned to college, graduated with distinction with a degree in history, graduated from law school, passed the Texas bar exam, and obtained a commission as a Captain in the United States Army, Judge Advocate General’s Corps in 1975. He holds JD and LLM degrees.

Tony served 17 more years on active duty as a JAGC officer in different assignments, including tours with the 82nd Airborne and later another with 18th Airborne Corps. In 1992, Tony retired as a Lieutenant Colonel to accept an appointment as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Tampa Division of the Middle District of Florida. Tony served more than 14 years as a Federal Prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office until 2006, when he retired from the Department of Justice to assume his current responsibilities.


  1. Tony…perspective is a bitch, ain’t it. We all think our suffering is the worst. And in thinking that way we deny the suffering of others. We keep in play the hierarchy that tells us that some people, and their suffering, are more than the suffering of others. This does not help humanity, but instead keeps humanity divided. We see this in how issues of dv and rape are handled currently in culture. How can I say that because I am African American that the suffering of “my” people is worst than that of someone else? It just doesn’t work.Anyway, my brother, a staff sergeant, was their for two tours of duty. And the pictures I saw of the women and the stories he told me confirm that these women were amazingly resilient. He also told me that for as little as 5$ a month a solider could buy himself a woman to take of his needs.

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