Guess Who Created Your Little Bully?

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  1. “if parents had very much to do with how kids turn out; we’d both have Grand Pop’s accent” – My Dad….
    Please a bulky prevention expert?
    I’m going to hang out a shingle saying I’m a murderer preventing expert- since 99.99% of kids aren’t murderers , especially kids of parents who can afford to attend my seminars , I should have a pretty good rep.
    Send me $ 10K, attend my weekend workshop and I guarantee, that if you explicitly follow my easy 7 step program- for sale in the lobby- little Janie won’t shoot up her school.
    Plus if there is any come back on me I can always question the follow up they practiced….

    Men fight & women tease- genetics.

    • hapworth says:

      So are you saying there isn’t an issue with bullies, and it isn’t a problem that could be prevented? Are you saying it’s totally not the parents fault at all? Whose is it? What’s your solution?

      I’m sure your standing as a murdering prevention expert is pretty decent with the stats you give. I’d be up there with you. I haven’t seen many bullies around me either so maybe you’d call me an expert in that as well.

      Ms. Dixon-Wells, however, whose been in the field for at least 22 years, and got her Masters in Educational Psychology and has worked with over 200 schools… I think that actually earns the title of expert, wouldn’t ya say?

      As for your quote from your Dad, it sounds like his words did have an affect on how you turned out. Interesting.


      • I don’t necessarily believe a degree means all that much…
        i have a whole riff about degrees being the last bastion of acceptable prejudice…

        • Sure, there’s the argument that academia might, at the end of the day, not teach us that much. I’d disagree but let’s say that’s correct. I still think her working in the field for 22 years and having worked with over 200 schools might make up for the lack of experience.

          Should we just push common sense then? Seems that people have different ideas of what that means. See how far it’s gotten us now.

          I still don’t understand your disagreement with the article though. What’s your problem with it? Is it her credentials? Her belief that possibly, someone’s upbringing may affect how they act later in life? That’s she’s making money from her work?

  2. There are many nice points in the article. One problem I have though is that bullying can be learned by a variety of means. Kids in the neighborhood and older siblings, and even teachers come to mind. There’s no doubt parents can be the cause but as a child expert, there is a lot more to it. A quote that comes to mind is that “bullying thrives where authority is weak.”

    Best wishes!!!


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