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About Seth Dombach

Seth Dombach, born and raised in Central PA, is a loving father and husband. He has made it a point to bring the best possible life for his family. An aspiring writer, you can find his work at his personal blog at Kloipy Speaks or his film reviews atPop Culture Ninja.


  1. Seth – I have been a facebook friend of your mom and dad’s after meeting them a few summers ago. (Long story) I have “enjoyed” reading your blog and find it to be an amazing story of courage and strength. I did have to laugh at your statement regarding there being no ribbons or bracelets for this. My husband was diagnosed several years ago with testicular cancer. Guess what. There are no ribbons/bracelets for that either. I wanted to make one our of wrinkled grey ribbon, but he wouldn’t let me. :) Continue to see the beauty in the world and spreading the word. You are an amazing young man and your willingness to share your story will no doubt help countless others. Thanks for writing it. :)sue

  2. My father-in-law’s death is mainly attributable to Short Bowel Syndrome. He lost a section of his guts, and for years after kept up a regimen of vitamins and drugs to fight the loss of absorption and their side effects. I’ve lost another dear friend to colon cancer after a long struggle with IBS. Like you, she had more than one diagnosis and encountered difficulty receiving care. They both fought for dignity and a sense of well being and ability, long after all of these had gone.

    Thank you for sharing your story, “Kloipy.” I wish you the best of health and luck.

    • Justin- thank you for sharing your story. I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your father in law and your friend. I hope my post is able to reach others who suffer in silence and help them reach out to someone or bring light to their story as well.

      Thank you again Justin


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