Handsome Men with Unattractive Women (A Combination the Media Will Never Show You)

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Shawn Peters is a creative director for Viewpoint Creative , as well as a writer whose work has appeared in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine and on ESPN.com. His upcoming novel “Plan.Be.” will be published as soon as he sells the damn thing. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnTweeters.


  1. If it was a hot guy kissing an ugly girl, we’d be too sorry to bitch, because we’d say the guy is giving out charity!

  2. Any time I am with a man older, less attractive and less fit than I am, I get extreme reactions especially from guys who think they should be my date instead. It’s very rude and intrusive. Also, I see women giving such guys terrible looks… like “What are you doing, you slime… dating such a young/pretty woman?” What bothers me most about all of this, is that I do what I want and it is no one’s business who I want to spend time with! It’s like… like they think a woman can’t make up her own mind? Like she needs to be ‘saved’ or told what to do? Like I should be doing what some stranger thinks I should be doing? Ridiculous. I am not here for anybody but myself.

  3. It’s a huge difference between Melissa and the disgustingly ugly man in that commercial. I mean google her pictures and watch her film, at least she tries to do her hair, wear maleup and nice clothes. She looks cute and I am sure that many men wants to date her. You have to pic another girl to compare that commercial-man with. In fact, I think it would be difficult to find women that doesn’t fix themselves. It’s more accepted among men to not do anything about their looks. For example have you seem top model? How many men are there? Hah! Not very common with such on TV. An other example is the fashion for men. Not very variated compared to female fashion. It’s in our culture to not look good as a man, he just needs to be a manly man and that’s enough. But not for me. He

  4. Thank you, Lynley. I completely agree.


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