How to Become a Cocaine Addict

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About Andy Bodle

Andy Bodle is a journalist, scriptwriter and blogger who has written for the Guardian, the Times, the BBC, and ABC. He lives in mortal fear that his greatest achievement will remain winning Channel 4's Countdown in 1993. You can read more on his blog, Womanology, and follow him on Twitter: @_Womanology_.


  1. Joe Carver says:

    A beautiful piece of writing on addiction. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Andy

    You write so well,that all the horrors of you experience disappears and all I can see is how artistic you are.
    Can you write sometimes about HOW you developed( learned) writing as an art form?

    Is it possible to learn to write like this,or is it a talent only a few are born with?

    • I’m really not sure how to reply to that. If it’s sarcasm, congratulations on what is very likely the highest degree of sarcasm I’ve come across. If it’s for real, my opinion is this: no one’s born with a talent to write. Read a lot, write a lot, in many different styles and on many different subjects, and keep challenging yourself. There’s always more you can learn (particularly in my case).

  3. Jameseq says:

    what happened to colin, did you hear on the grapevine if he ever got caught by the police?

  4. Andy
    Excuse my typos. I wrote Archy,and ment Andy.

  5. Thanks for the insight . Have a family member who has not come out the other side fully yet I think

  6. It was a great piece indeed. Thank you for sharing such a personal story in such an honest way. I can relate to it in several aspects but I am not comfortable sharing it openly. Your doing so is inspirational.

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