How to Pack for a Trip

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Author, blogger, television writer, world traveler, and inveterate bon vivant Greg White is also a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, now battling it out on the blogosphere at and

Greg has just finished his soon-to-be-published memoir about his Marine Corps boot camp experience. He served six years in the Marines. Truly a glutton, he also completed Officer Candidate School over the course of two summers---thus relishing the joys of basic training three times.

Greg has a voracious appetite for life and regularly contributes here and to The Huffington Post.

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  1. Finally,a packing lesson that doesn’t let you look like newsprint for a week.

  2. Love point #5 Pack Backwards. Can honestly say in 20 or so years of packing for trips I’ve never thought of packing backwards. Clever, very clever! Also we. my wife and I had a good lesson on point 10 and now never put valuables in the hold. It’s a no, no! Re the colour photo of your passport, we have all out valuable travel docs sent to a gmail account. Learnt that from some friends who are sailors, if their boat capsizes and everything goes down, they can easily prove who they are when they finally get to shore, no matter where that is in the world. Great post Greg.

    • Thanks for your kind comments! Glad you fond it useful — and I love your tip about emailing the docs to gmail. I’ll start doing that too. Happy travels!! My restaurant and hotel reviews are on should you care to read mre!

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