How to Survive a Natural Disaster

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Craig Playstead is a freelance writer and father of three living in the suburbs of Seattle. His articles aimed at "entertaining and helping the average guy" have been read by millions throughout the years. You can find more of his work on his blog Shake Your Foundation.


  1. “…the government isn’t there to save you…”
    You’d think that at least the educated, the bright, the intelligent and well-traveled would have their eyes open, but boomers et. al. have been lulled into a passive, trusting and submissive sleep for quite some time. I have to say though, the sense of immunity from such disaster is pretty darn ridiculous.

    Sandy was nothing compared to what we’ll see if the trucks stop running in this nation, or the power gris is attacked. Supermarkets run in super-efficient just-in-time modes of restocking. In New England, we see the weaknesses as soon as we hear of a storm coming. the sleepy whir of generators may become New Hampshire’s new State Song.

    But things can get truly, truly bad If someone threatens (just threatens) a smallpox outbreak, or a highly contagious and deadly flu. No one will be at work. Who’s going to leave the safety of their own home and go to virus vectors like office towers, trains, planes, etc to potentially kill themselves and their families? The systems in place will shut-down and we will be tested in our entirety.

  2. If you live in an urban or suburban area you are well and completely screwed…..
    The ethics and methods of storing a hundred gallons of gas make this an unattainable option.
    AGenerator that will run some lights, a refrigerator and a TV burns maybe 15 gallons in a 24 hr period. And here in Sandyville we couldn’t get gas, due in part to the stations having no power, so get a hand crank pump and be prepared to quickly commit a felony on day 2…..
    So maybe get the propane kit for the generator and it is more viable and stable to stock LPTanks- though the fire marshal isn’t a big fan of that either….
    Ahhhh I can’t go on – 1st day off since Sandy hit….

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