Incarcerated Youth Write the Stories of Their Lives

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  1. It would be nice if Sister Janet had the grace to admit the truth, that in 1995 I, as an author and illustrator of children’s books, had a dream to teach my creative writing program that I had started in public schools to incarerated youth at Central Juvenile Hall. At the invitation of the principal of the school, Arthur McCoy, I went in and started teaching. It was after I had been doing this for a numberofmonths that I spoke to Sister Janet and she offered to help me. Duane Noriyuki came after this and sat in on my class, as did the other founding writers. I came up with the name InsideOUT Writers and produced the book What We See. I ran the organization, wrote all the grants and raised all the funds during the most difficult formative years, after which, I was tossed aside at the end of 2005. Incredibly, the board went on to hire my replacement who was then charged with stealing $120,000 from IOW, yet the board, including Sister Janet, was never held accountable. Conflict is a part of life. What is wrong is to lie about the truth of how this organization was formed.This has broken my heart as I gave my life to create InsideOUT Writers and to help these young people. I still have many friends of the teachers and the youth to this day and I have continued to do programs as can be seen in my essay, LA to Belfast: Art, Gangs and the Stiff Kitten, published in the most recent issue of I have kept silent most of these years,but it is hard to see such an injustice continue and I am trying to speak out more boldly about it now.

    • When I received notification of your comment yesterday morning, I forwarded it to Wendy Killian, the current Executive Director of InsideOUT Writers, who I interviewed for this article. She has not yet responded.

      One of the difficulties in telling a complete story is in unearthing the details that have been purposely erased and elided. Thank you for speaking out.


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