International Men’s Day 2012

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Justin Cascio is a writer, editor, and activist. He has written on food, lifestyle, gender, and sexuality for The Good Men Project, xoJane, and other publications; his work has been selected as Editor's Picks on Open Salon.
Justin is a former managing editor of The Good Men Project Magazine and editor of The Good Life, and a founding editor of You can follow him on Twitter, Google, and Facebook.


  1. Thank you for this post, Justin. A really good summary of the many aspects and facets of what this day is, and can be, about.

    There are, of course, any number of ways to observe and celebrate International Men’s Day, should one wish to do so. Personally, I think this is a great day to remember and appreciate all the men I know, and have known, who’ve made a positive difference in my life. It’s a long list! I think today is also a wonderful opportunity to remember the many thousands of men who built the roads, bridges, buildings, utilities, schools, parks, hospitals, and all the other infrastructure we all use and take for granted every day.

    If nothing else, perhaps International Men’s Day is an excellent reminder of how important it is for men to be recognized and appreciated, not only for what they do, but for who they are. Far too many men spend their lives feeling unseen and unappreciated. If there’s a boy or man in your life you appreciate, let him know today.

  2. As the mother to 2 boys many of the issues IMD tries to adress are very close to my heart. I want them to grow up inot happy, confident well adjusted men, with an understanding of feminism. However so many women seem to seem threatened by IMD it really saddens me, it seems they do not want men to be well. This piece I wrote looks at some of the worst comments I came across.

  3. Peter Gibson says:

    I sometimes hear, “International Men’s Day is every day of the week / year”.

    This comment, while designed to detract from the event actually tells us something instructive: IMD needs to be every day of the year for all those men and boys who are mentally ill, suicidal, physically ill, vulnerable, homeless and sleeping rough, victims of violence, or those men and boys whose existence is lonely or impoverished. For them I say, “Lets indeed make International Men’s Day EVERY DAY!”

    Best wishes to all on this special day.

  4. Many thanks for this post.

    Men’s issues are real and have been real for ages (despite so many that would like for us to think that men were doing just fine until 10 years ago) and it is high time they be addressed. And I don’t mean that beating around the bush way that involves focusing all effort on women with the idea that that help will (eventually) trickle down to men.

  5. Thank you! The majority of the world may be in denial, but MEN need to be celebrated, helped, and appreciated!

    Today is a GREAT day. And as the years go by, it will only be more necessary.

    Happy International Men’s Day!

  6. They speak of a war against women due to lack of reproductive rights n stuff. Well here’s to hoping men actually gain reproductive rights sometime soon, all should have the ability to opt out of parenthood.

    Happy International Men’s Day

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