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Dave Booda is bringing about a new way of being for men who seek to embrace their gifts and understand women. His strength is communicating eastern wisdom in a simple, effective manner that produces real, measurable changes in people's lives. Dave is also a co-founder of The Mission, a men's movement started in San Diego that helps men improve their lives in the area of purpose, understanding women, health and finances through a brotherhood of men dedicated to change and self-development.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    I thought love was more or less a Giffen good.
    It seems the more I gave the less I got.

    –The Monkees

    The classical economic model of supply and demand does have a lot of explanatory power when it comes to the dating world, especially when it comes to the kinds of dating relationships that are particularly economic in nature, like looking for a “good provider.” But, like any social scientific theory, it is not a perfect explanation. Being useful and descriptive and even reliably predictive does not make a theory airtight. It just means the theory has some usefulness. Even the “laws” of supply and demand are not immutable, perfect explanations, not even when it comes to overtly economic exchanges. There are exceptions and anomalies and paradoxes like the aforementioned “Giffen good,” where you willingly pay more to get less.

    (I keep being reminded of the fact that the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded in consecutive years to two scholars who came to opposite conclusions from each other. The “laws” of economics are still being worked out….)

    Any argument that says a theory explains everything or that ALL human beings act according to this theory is really a statement of faith, not an academically sound argument. Saying ALL people date according to the laws of supply and demand is really a theological statement, not a social scientific statement.

    I’m not saying this because I think people are never self-interested or that people are just hearts looking to find their soul mates. But, the rational self-interest model of dating behavior fails to explain why some people just seem so totally self-destructive in choosing their mates. Others seem to have no real idea what they want or what would be best for them.

  2. Sorry, but this thread seems to be going the way of the age old question “Why is it the ‘Jerks’ are the ones always getting ‘Laid’?” Even the womens’ ‘Holy Book’ Cosmo has asked this question in an occasional article.

  3. @ wellokaythen- Astronomy was invented so that Economics could be called a science and an outstanding reference to game theory.
    @erin- don’t look to deeply into my quips, I got my GED wearing an orange jumpsuit.

    Just because a woman told me this joke doesn’t mean it isn’t reprehensible.
    Why do women have so much trouble finding well groomed, sensitive and sexy guys?
    Because those guys already have boyfriends.

    • The Blurpo says:

      ” Why do women have so much trouble finding well groomed, sensitive and sexy guys?
      Because those guys already have boyfriends. ”

      LoooooooL that was good :-D

    • When your quips reflect the idea that women are more responsible for you and themselves then you are for yourself, orange jumpsuit or Golden Arches hats aren’t going to make me stop pointing out the wrongness in that!

      • Listen I’m insulted by the Golden Arches thing…..
        Women want the same thing all entities that crawl, fly & swim want; to pass on their genes.
        It is why we evolved. The problem that we have also evolved a consciousness about how we procreate. There is ample evidence in the human endeavor and the animal kingdoms that females lie, just as much as males do and in some incidences more, about with whom they mate.
        Again, for 99% of hominid existence most mating took place between people who were at most 2nd cousins- so every baby looked alike. So basically short of being caught in the act there was no reason not to be duplicitous.

        I brought up the bonobo study to add credence to the idea that trickery is just as prevalent amongst the higher primates as it is amongst prairie chickens puffing out the feathers on their throats.

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