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About Erik Christian

Erik Christian is a writer hailing from the Pacific Northwest. With over twenty years of writing words, Christian has created an award-winning blog and has written a few books. One of those books is called "Dear Dad" and is on Amazon. You can follow Erik on Twitter @SimplyAfterDark.


  1. In re — Suddenly, the total fear, like stage fright, entered my conscience. ….
    In my experience– sit in a hard chair 90 days in a row, put your hand up & say I’m Drew & I’m an alcoholic…
    Share your experience, strength & hope in front of a room full of mandated patients at the locked ward or in the jail…
    Go to a men’s meeting and admit…..
    Now go to,your folks house and see how tough it is to tell an anecdote….
    Me I worked manual construction during the depth of my addiction and can attest that working out doesn’t keep your head right…
    You want a work out go hang drywall piece work, sack potatoes or run fence….
    You want to get straight get some help.

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