Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 2

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Scott Behson is a Professor of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a busy involved dad, and an overall grateful guy. He runs the blog dedicated to helping fathers better balance work and family and encouraging more supportive workplaces, and also writes for Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, and, most recently, Time. He lives in Nyack, NY with his wife, Amy, and son, Nick. Contact him @ScottBehson on twitter.


  1. Being able to work from home makes it possible for more people to participate in the workforce. Some of us (and I currently work from home) are unable to make one of the hurdles: transportation, environmental sensitivities in office spaces, other health conditions, and family commitments are just a few of the reasons people who would like to work, are unable. This may not seem like a grave concern in a recession (unless you’re having a hard time getting work, of course) but when it comes to improving our economy, an often overlooked resource is what is not yet being tapped. The resource of an educated, capable, technologically literate workforce is out there. If you’re an employer and you can’t find someone who fits the job you need filled, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you can alter the job so it can be performed offsite.

    • You are right that proactive employer should really think about the work they need to get done. If it doesn’t have to be done in some particular place, then why require it to be done at a particular location. thanks to technology and changing workplace cultures, things are getting better on this front.


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