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About Carmelo Vallone

Carmelo Vallone is an author, and sometimes poet. He is from Connecticut and Boston, but has called Los Angeles home for a long time now. He's currently getting his MFA in Creative Writing at CalArts. He's writing a memoir and has just completed his first novel.


  1. Denny2227 says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. But unfortunately, I think you are drawing false conclusions.

    Trayvon martin was shot because he was beating another person to death on the pavement. Unless your girlfriend was attempting to murder the person who shot her at the moment he pulled the trigger, the situations are totally different.

    Any time a person loses their life, it’s a tragedy. But when a person loses their life because they were about to take someone else’s, it can be a justified tragedy. A “best of the worst” type of situation where at least the person who winds up dead is the perpetrator and not the victim.

    Ideally nobody would ever get violently killed, of course. But in the messy world we live in, sometimes people do bad things and need to be stopped before they can complete them. This applies just as much to the boy who murdered your girlfriend and it’s a damn shame nobody stopped him before he was able to take an innocent life.

  2. Icewraith says:

    (Trayvon was accosted by an armed vigilante, who shot him when he fought back. The perpetrator got acquited. )

    I agree it’s a tragedy when young people die, before they have a chance to even start to realize their potential.

    • Denny2227 says:

      I don’t mean to derail the thread here, but all the evidence points to Martin throwing the first blow. Even Martin’s girlfriend Rachel Jeantel admitted on national television in three separate venues–in court, on Piers Morgan’s show, and in an interview on the HuffingtonPost’s live show–that she believed Martin was the aggressor who struck Zimmerman because he was a “creepy ass cracker” who was following him. She elaborated on the HuffPo segment that getting an “ass whooping” is just something that happens when you creep someone out and Zimmerman should have let Martin beat him up.

      I have every reason to believe she and Martin were right that Zimmerman was following Martin creepily. But that in no way justifies attacking him or administering a sort of “sport beating” in the manner Jeantel described. The only other option is that Jeantel is mysteriously and repeatedly lying about what happened in a way that makes her late boyfriend look like a thug.

  3. Starofdavid says:

    Well Denny, it’s nice to know that even shills like you (for the NRA) will attack even the most innocent of essays. And yes I did google you and you are that-a shill for the NRA.

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