Stop Waiting for Things to Get Better

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About David Friedlander

David Friedlander is writer, father, husband, athlete, worker and a handful of other things. His writes professionally for the blog LifeEdited and recreationally for his personal blog. A longtime resident of NYC, David now lives in Beacon, NY with wife and son.


  1. loved your blog and so true. one must be clear and share what they want even if it’s just to the universe. i will share and hope Oprah calls you ;)

  2. Not buying it says:

    Honest assessment of oneself, what I want where I am & at least a semi- inclination of where I want to be & how to get there is a sign of maturity & intelligence, I would like to add that it’s crucial that the person I am with (male or female) has or believes in that kind of self assessment too, since overall happiness in a any relationship depends on both people carrying their weight for the most part at least, anything less no matter how much I love that person will lead to resentment & feelings of being used, days of men being the bread winner’s or income mules are over in most relationships at least.

  3. Really great blog; inspirational and honest.
    Makes me think about my own unemployment, again, since I am constantly thinking of it and how to end it. I like the boldness point – why am I so afraid to use the inmails on Linked In that I PAY for!!!!????? Time to act boldly and write to those people who have the jobs I am applying for, and not just apply.
    Thank you.


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