Technology: Enabler or Prison?

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  1. Then one day she received a visit. She was advised that her needs were being re-accessed. She didn’t need to go and visit a shop to buy food: she could order it over the net, in fact she could shop for everything over the net—she did not need to leave her home.

    Then she was told that she didn’t need to have people present in case she fell or needed assistance with daily living activities, such as going to the toilet. It was being decided what she needed were nappies and some sensors, called telepresence, which would allow a computer to check if she as moving or not and if necessary, call for help.

    wow, im glad you gave them a rocket mediahound. what a ridiculous a venal pennypinching measure. they either didnt anticipate the decline in the mental health of a person under those changed conditions, or didnt care as mental health issues fall under some other dept’s budget sheet

  2. Wow, that’s scary. To think that technology is in fact replacing human, face to face interaction AND it’s being mandated? I’d break that electronic stuff every time they replaced it … let’s see how long it would take before they give in and send a human being.

  3. I think this is a prophetic type of piece right here – not that other people haven’t said this or aren’t. But this message is prophetic. The problems of my younger sister’s generation and my kid’s is going to have a lot to do with stuff like this I think. Heck, even mine, as we’re all being influenced by it already.

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