The Circle of Life

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About Jeff Swain

Jeff Swain claims to be an expert on nothing. He's just a humble seeker, looking to find out what it's all about. Aside from searching for the meaning of life, Jeff likes to run marathons. You can follow along with his life and adventures on his blog, Twitter, and Facebook.


  1. Jeff,

    Loved your article. I’m a huge Joseph Campbell fan too. While you are digging on people, you might as well throw Jesus into the mix. He knew all about self-love. When asked the great commandment, he said, “Love God with all your heart, mind soul and strength….and love you neighbor as yourself.”

    Gotta love yourself if you are going to be able to love anyone or anything else. He got that. So did Joseph Campbell. And the Beatles. And a bunch of others……

    Thanks for an engaging article….

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this article. I seems to me that you might be talking about “flow” as defined my Cziksentmihaly. That feeling of being totally in the moment when you’re undertaking an important challenge — especially doing something you truly love — and your skill level is just enough to embrace it. I’ve felt it when running and feeling as if I could run forever. I’ve felt it running the rocks in creeks and skiing bumps and climbing frozen waterfalls. I’ve also felt it writing, teaching, speaking. Although, to be accurate, you usually don’t feel flow when you’re in; you realize afterward that you were flowing. Great article!

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