The Disposability of Black Men

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About Billy Johnson II

Billy Johnson II is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the writer of a weekly column, "Dr. Bill," on The Good Life. He has previously published on racism, and reconciling masculinity. "Dr. Bill" is dedicated to becoming a more compassionate, loving, and forgiving human being. In his spare time he is working on his dance moves! You can follow him on Twitter.


  1. Tom B…Whats up? Damn man,sorry to hear about your injuries,keep movin’.


  1. [...] Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide? (RT @GMPGoodLife: The Disposability of Black Men Is this genocide?  [...]

  2. [...] recently wrote an article in this magazine addressing the impact of institutional racism on African American men. The post was met with the usual mix of support and criticism from readers; however, I was [...]

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