I Like That My Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend Is Hairy

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  1. God what a spare tire the guy has in the pic!

    I am sure you could have found another pic of a hairy fella.

    • But it shouldn’t matter what the guy looks like. Sure he won’t be on the cover of GQ anytime soon but is it really that bad that his pic was used?

    • My goals in choosing an image for an article are these, roughly:
      Is it well composed?
      Does it illustrate the subject or theme of the article?
      Does it have people in it? (If possible, I use pictures of people because they’re more relatable.)
      Does it have good contrast?
      Does it still look good when only a tiny square of it is visible?
      Does it make people want to click?
      Overall, does it contribute to the image of The Good Men Project? (Diversity of models, concentration on images of men)
      Is it a free image? (I don’t have a graphics budget. I don’t have a budget, at all.)
      You’ll notice that avoiding images of fat people isn’t a priority.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    Does it please you to think that your ex is scratching her nails down this guy’s hairy back while they’re having sex? For all you know, she finds the back hair extremely erotic, and it’s something she always wished you had more of but could never tell you to your face. It’s probably best to NOT think too much about the body of your ex’s boyfriend. It’s going places you aren’t any more….

  3. Despite acknowledging my shortcomings and even agreeing with why I was dumped, I still need to think I outshine these new men in some way. I can’t let go of my desire for the women from my past to pause, even for just a second, and think “Hmmm, maybe I fucked up.”
    Understandable. There is often a desire for us as humans to want to believe that we were, for lack of a better term, the hotness. And you know what, it’s entirely possible that maybe, just maybe some of those exes of yours really do think they messed up by leaving something that was good.

    Despite my ex-wife’s insistence that he moved in strictly as a “renter” rather than “boyfriend”—a charade that didn’t fool the cats, let alone the kids—it was obvious he could play a significant role in my children’s lives. The first step toward stepfather has been taken. This time, I need the guy to possess great qualities.
    Also understandable. Most parents want what’s best for their children. So of course if a new person is about to take a large part in their lives they want that person to be perfect.

  4. Well as a “hairy guy” I know how most women view us and its not good.. I am told so many times by women how I “must” enjoy their “curves” too put it lightly.. or many of their other shortcomings.. which most men put up with daily, But if youre a hirsute guy..forget it.

  5. My fiance is super hairy . . . and I love him, hair and all.
    Soany – Don’t presume that most women find hair a turn-off and I won’t presume that most guys find plus-size women repulsive. Because that’s complete bullshit. People like what they like and it really shouldn’t matter what “most people” (whatever that means) think about this or that body feature. Good men and good women accept each other and love the whole person.
    Besides, this “aversion” to hair is societal, not gendered. It started with the expectation of women to depilate all hair except that on their heads. Now it’s simply spreading to men. However this cultural preference doesn’t overrule individual likes and dislikes.

  6. This is hysterical. It’s also poignant, honest, and all-too-human. I loved it!


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