The Invisible World of Rural Black America

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About Lola Rainey

Lola Rainey is a writer, educator and community activist. She writes about questions of race, gender, and social justice. Ms. Rainey published two books under her pseudonym, Ivory Simone: Havasu Means Blue Water, (a literary fiction), and, "The Rainy Season, The Poems, Prose and Writings of Ivory Simone", (a poetry chapbook). She is currently working on a poetry manuscript tentatively entitled, "Pilgrimage to the Blue Nile" which will be published under her pen name.


  1. The Wet One says:

    I look forward to future instalments. My family origins are from nearby (Oaklahoma), and they left that area 100 years ago to go north of the 49th. I’m very glad they did leave the South. I’ll be glad to hear more of what they left behind.


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