The Lotus Keeper: An Excerpt

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About K. R. Dial

K.R. Dial is an author and advocate for social justice. Her debut novel is part of her ongoing ministry to help rescue the victims of child prostitution. She has led corporate intercessory prayer for the International Justice Mission, helped to form the Atlanta Justice Coalition, and served as a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem for abused and neglected children, receiving her district’s top honor as Rookie of the Year for her courtroom advocacy of a local teenage prostitute. Karen journeyed to Thailand to study the issue and pray for the victims. She lives and homeschools with her family in the suburbs of Atlanta.


  1. The International Justice Mission? You mean, the people who have been widely criticized for storming into the Third World like vigilantes in order to forcibly “rescue” sex workers, some of whom later escaped out the window on a rope knotted out of sheets? That International Justice Mission?

    I hope that the folks who read this will consider reading coverage by experts who work with sex workers worldwide, rather than just coming and going as it pleases them in order to impress a congregation at home. A great book to start with might be The Wisdom Of Whores by Elizabeth Pisani.

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