The Meaning of Life

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About Jeff Swain

Jeff Swain claims to be an expert on nothing. He's just a humble seeker, looking to find out what it's all about. Aside from searching for the meaning of life, Jeff likes to run marathons. You can follow along with his life and adventures on his blog, Twitter, and Facebook.


  1. Valter Viglietti says:

    “I want to know things. Most of all I want to know what it’s all about.”

    Well, I’m sold! :D
    Thank you Jeff! I’m a seeker as well, thus I’m looking forward to this column of yours.

  2. “We will die as sure as we will live and the question asked of all of us is, how do we want to do it. ”

    You hit the nail on the head, my friend. Some (most) days that question is so hard to answer. So hard. And we know our days are numbered. And what if some of us have poorly spent our time? How do we make it up?

    But enough whining about my poor myth management skills– I like how you have grabbed the bull by the horns and are writing the story, crafting the myth. Brings more meaning to the phrase, “The man, the myth, the legend…” Ladies and gentleman…”Jeff Swain.”
    I look forward to more! :)

  3. Looking forward to this. Just curious what your background is. Do you have Jungian training?Psychoanalytic training? Again, just curious…

    • Hi sericmarr,

      I do not have any Jungian training, I’m just a big fan of his work. I discovered Jung through my love of Joseph Campbell & now I love them both. My background is in the Liberal Arts. I’m completing my PhD in Education at the moment. When finished I hope to work in an anthropology department at a college as a teacher/researcher. I’m training to be an ethnographer. My current research surrounds our notion of community & identity in the age of the social web. I’m also a marathoner and my dissertation is actually an ethnographic study of my running community. I’ve just always been interested in the idea of what makes us who we are, individually and culturally and like to explore all the avenues.

      I hope this information is helpful & doesn’t put you off. I’m just a guy trying to figure it all out. Though sometimes I feel like the dog chasing his tail if you know what I mean.


      • Thanks for filling me in. I have interest in both Campbell and Jung but I come from the angle of the visual arts. I have degrees in Art and Zoology and am making the transition from professional scientist to artist even as we speak. Aside: not good timing given the prolonged recession.). I have found that as we make life’s trajectory, the more enriching it becomes. Although after this past month, (incredibly challenging), I think I am a manx also chasing its tail (lol!). Thanks again for filling me in.


  4. Tres COOL!!!!



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