The Perfect Match: When Love Means Giving an Organ

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Savas Abadsidis is a raconteur and regular wingman to fellow GMP editor Hannibal Tabu. They are as a rule, scoundrels, who try their best to be good men. In Savas’ free time he loves comics, photography, surfing, travelling and sleeping.


  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Thank you for sharing. I am a registered donor in New York and New Jersey (you have to register separately for each state- what an awful law, though at least it’s a simple process), and am also a registered bone marrow donor. My dad was diagnosed with kidney failure when I was 10, and then he was on dialysis for two years before dying of complications. He was on at least two donor lists, and I have no idea if he even made it close to the front. I will always be an advocate for this cause. I am so happy that you are both doing well, and I wish you both (but especially Ryan) the best of luck!


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