The Pressure to ‘Have It All’ and the Need to Redefine Success

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About Lisa Levey

Lisa Levey is a diversity and work-life consultant, working to make organizations better for women and men. She speaks and writes about gender roles and is the author of The Libra Solution: Shedding Excess and Redefining Success at Work and at Home, focused on a gender-flexible approach to career and family management. Both her professional work and her personal life provide ongoing laboratories to better understand gender in all its complexity.


  1. In a consumer society, there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy.

    — Ivan Illich

  2. “Women’s new problem with no name is born of outsized expectations at work and at home”.

    Therein lies the question: was “having it all” was ever really the key to a woman’s (or mans) happiness?

  3. Valter Viglietti says:

    Well said, Lisa!
    “Having it all” is a true myth, and a toxic one. And it goes for both genders.

    Everything has a “price” (be it money, energy, time or anything else); for anything we want, we should take into account what the relative price is. Sometimes it’s just not worth it.
    The dream that you can “have it all”, comes from the delusion that there are no consequences to our choices – but there always are.

    “All magic comes with a price!”
    (Rumplestiltskin’s iconic phrase)


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