Things I Won’t Miss About Being a Stay at Home Dad to Babies

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About Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle is a stay-at-home dad who writes about parenting and All Things Childhood: kindie music, books, toys, gaming, & culture at Out With The Kids. He is married to an adorable redheaded gal and has two lovely little ladies under the age of 10 who provide him with countless hours of humorous in-home entertainment, and who get to do, hear, see and play with more cool stuff than you can possibly imagine. He considers himself one of the luckiest guys in the world, although he needs to be reminded of this fact from time to time. Jeff also blogs for The Good Men Project.


  1. And when you have grandkids …. It starts all over again. I should also note that non-stay at home dads experience the same things …. It’s just that they get to go through it before and after work.
    Didn’t use day care so “Cutting monthly checks to a daycare center.”"That daycare center smell.” didn’t apply to us

    • No doubt working parents experience the same types of things; however, frequency and monotony play an important part in the overall baby submersion experience. A working parent saying that to a stay home parent is kind of like telling the park ride attendant helping thousands of families a day in and out of boats at Disney that you have experienced the ride and understand it’s annoyance, especially that dreadful music (It’s a Small World After All ) That’s when the guy looks at you with crazed eyes and says, “You have no effing idea”.

  2. Great piece. I would add to that, the absolute lack of a moment’s peace and quiet, so you can think clearly and plan your next move. Not to mention doing things like reading the news and going to see movies! People without kids are always amazed at how out-of-touch new parents are with recent movies. It’s just a near impossible task to set up, plan and prepare an evening when your children can get suddenly sick, start teething, or any other if the multitude of reasons you can’t (or shouldn’t) hand them over to a babysitter when they are going to be inconsolable for the entire time. My children turning into toddlers is one of the happiest events of my life.

    • You nailed it, Ed! And lest people think we selfishly want these things — a moment’s peace, a hit movie, the Sunday newspaper — instead, think of all those things as a vital part of keeping yourself alive and interesting and worldly, which will actually help you be a better, more aware parent.

  3. Quick comment … when I scroll the GMP site and I see that picture ….. every time I see it, it makes me smile. Great decision to use it!

  4. Great article, Jeff. I’m right there with you. We lived in a two story house with laundry in the basement. Stairmasters? Please. Who in god’s name would ever intentionally get on a stairmaster?

  5. Haha, sharing the breasts & strangers trying to touch my babies is a huge pet peeve of mine. I’m just like you two is enough and we are not pushing our luck for a third. I will not miss potty training which I’m currently trying to accomplish with number one right now.

    • Oh! Potty Training, how did I leave that off the list? Yes, not being responsible for wiping the ass of another human being is a huge step in a positive direction!

  6. brindafella says:

    I fully agree, Jeff.

    A corollary to your very last dot point ( ■Sharing my wife’s breasts): I did not marry my children. Instead, I married my wife, who also happens to be their mother.

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