Unmarried and Unequal

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About Cindy Butler

Cindy Butler has over thirty years of nonprofit experience and has built a career focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged people. Most recently, as co-founder and Executive Director of The Village Net, Cindy built a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women in villages in Kenya and Ghana as they work toward uplifting their families from poverty. Prior to The Village Net, she served as Director of the Women's Business Center at Community Capital Development, where she mentored 800 entrepreneurs and trained another 5,300 through partnerships with community organizations. Before coming to Seattle from Washington, DC, Cindy worked as an employee of, consultant to, and volunteer for Board member of nonprofits including the National Organization on Disability, The National Women's Law Center, NARAL, and the National Leadership Coalition on AIDS. She was an early director of DC Central Kitchen, a national model for food recycling and homeless training, whose programs now serve 4,800 meals per day to disadvantaged children and adults.

Butler earned her B.A. at the University of Maryland and a Masters of International Business at Seattle University.


  1. John Schtoll says:

    Cindy, though you did kinda touch on it with regards to children to unmarried fathers, they have virtually no rights to their own children. I also “LOVE” the old ‘best interests of the children’ trope you spout. Sorry but really do you think for one minute that a judge who has 30 mins or so with a child can determine what is best for that child. Shared parenting should be the baseline, iow, we started at equal parenting and if a change is warranted then a change is made.

  2. I wasn’t aware about the Fair Housing Act saying that rental of a property could not be denied based on “familial status.” I don’t think I agree with that being a mandate for owners of private property, but since it is unmarried people should absolutely be protected as well.

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