Whose Life Is This?

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About Keith Doyle

Keith is an older man and avid observer of the "Gender Wars."
He supports the Men's Movement and the evolution and improvement of a positive male experience and perspective.
He hopes to soon travel to Ireland to visit the bars and engage in the ancient Irish tradition of arguing. The best poetry there is.


  1. Hi Keith,

    I was really moved by this whole narrative, and particularly resonated with your dreams and the premonitions they carried. Many personal experiences have convinced me that familial relationships can carry bonds that extend beyond this life that we know. For example, I once wrote a poem about “my boy” after a complication that we mistook at first for a miscarriage. This was long before any ultrasound could’ve informed me of my child’s sex. Luckily he was very much healthy and alive, and he’s grown to embody the soul who I was addressing – who I somehow knew – all those years ago in that poem.

  2. Hi Seth

    Glad you enjoyed a different perspective that you have experienced yourself. The complication you mention is a very difficult thing to cope with, it really does leave you feeling powerless. I’m happy for the result, and I am curious about your poem. I am very interested in other men’s experiences, not so much the politics but the effect on them personally, what it means when they see a glimpse of their own powerlessness. It left me with a sense of feeling fragile and that those around me may be more fragile than I am aware.

  3. The poem, sadly, no longer exists – was lost somewhere along the way. All I can do is recall the night of writing it…and, I was astonished later to realize that I’d thought nothing out of the ordinary about knowing that this child scarcely a week conceived was a boy. I was in such duress at the time, I guess, that I just accepted the precognitive sense and didn’t question it.

    Perhaps people are more fragile that we’re aware – I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, in that respect. We all exist in bigger terms than we tend to think, anyway.

  4. Joseph Kingsley says:

    In my opinion, and that all it is, your second sight sounds more like a mental illness and someone struggles when they dont have 100% control of a situation or others. I hope you find peace with yourself.

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