Why We Sleep Together

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  1. babe, i love you to the moon and back but, we really do need a bigger bed.

  2. Six months ago I read this post and was in a long distance relationship, living in different countries. All I wanted was to be able to sleep beside my man on a consistent basis.
    For the last three months we’ve been together – at last! I love him dearly and yet have had sub-optimum sleep ever since. The only time I sleep well is when I’ve been so frustrated I’ve flung myself elsewhere (first the couch and now the spare bed… often half way through the night, sometimes from the start).
    I have been physically wornout, mentally unsharp, and a cranky woman since sleeping with him. It has effected my moods, my motivation, and my weight as I eat more sugar and carbs when I’m tired, while have easily eaten a very clean diet while living alone and / or when I’ve slept alone the night before.
    I’m typing this before 6am as I listen to him snore in the next room, loving him and resenting him at the same time, and have come to the conclusion I can’t sleep beside him anymore. I feel sad about this, as it feels like a bad relationship if we don’t sleep together…. Such is the stigma…. :(
    This is not a sex thing. It’s a simple need to get some goddamn rest!


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