Your Ideal Day

Nick Florest concludes his series on addiction with a question: What does your ideal day look like?

I noticed throughout the stories about addiction the search for something better, a place where the grass is greener. Addiction usually starts from a place of depression, which then puts the addict in a position to use whatever means to escape that pain. Recovery, however, allows a person to seek that greener grass within themselves.

The Share Your Ideal Day contest, created by Jason Womack, founder and CEO of the Womack Company, is a great exercise for anyone living with or recovering from addiction find that peace that they need. Here’s Jason’s story behind why he created the Ideal Day campaign:

One of my mentors asked me, “Would you know a great day if you saw one?” When I realized I wouldn’t, I set out to design what one might look like.

When I imagined this day, full of writing, client calls, and trail running spent on a mountain property, it was challenging. Even after struggling to picture the day, I didn’t totally believe that it would come true. But I am happy to report that many of my Ideal Days have become a reality. Because I have seen results from this exercise, imagining Ideal Days has become something I do frequently.

That is why I’ve decided to launch the Ideal Day Campaign.

For all those who are interested in participating and to enter for a chance to have your Ideal Day sponsored, check out The Jason Womack Company Ideal Day Campaign. You can also get a free download of the first chapter to Jason’s motivational book, Your Best Just Got Better.

Good luck and stay strong.

Peace and Love …

Nick Florest, Guest Editor of The Addiction Series on The Good Life


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