Your Wedding, Your Life

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About Gint Aras

Gint Aras has two decades of experience teaching, over ten of them in a Chicago-area community college. He writes a weekly column, True Community, about young men and education. His writing has appeared in St. Petersburg Review (forthcoming, 2014), Antique Children, Criminal Class Review, Curbside Splendor, Dialogo, Šiaurės Atėnai and other publications. He's a photographer and the author of the cult novel, Finding the Moon in Sugar. Check out his website, Liquid Ink and follow Gint on Twitter @Gint_Aras.


  1. Not buying it says:

    My advice to the groom is get unscathed while you still can, “run forest run”.

  2. Dear Gint Aras,

    What wonderful writing. To forego a wedding ceremony is a personal choice. But your comments about it and its inherent dangers could be reduced to a rationalization of your choice.

    • I agree, wondering. We celebrate all sorts of things. Why not something personal? I didn’t have a wedding when I got married. Nothing at all. Didn’t make the marriage any better. If I get married again, I want one. I have no interest in going any sort of bridezilla route or spending exhorbitant amounts of money. I don’t even know what karats a diamond is supposed to be. But I do want to I like getting all dolled up. I like drinking booze. I like eating tasty food. I like spending party time with good friends. I like getting excited about events and celebrations. I like showing partners how much I love them with silly things. It sounds like a wonderful excuse to have a great time and celebrate love. We celebrate a lot sillier, less personal things.


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