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Jackie Summers is an author and entrepreneur. His blog F*cking in Brooklyn chronicles his quest to become a person worthy of love. His company, Jack From Brooklyn, Inc. houses his creative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Follow him on Twitter @jackfrombkln and friend him on Facebook


  1. QuantumInc says:

    That was fun. Naturally I finished reading at 6:12 AM.

  2. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    I have this problem, too. Always have. I can remember lying awake for hours in an Army squadbay when everyone else had gone to sleep (at age 20.) It gets worse with age, and I’m now 67. This also includes waking at 4 AM, and not being able to go back to sleep. I’ve licked these problems for now with a Trazodone, Ambien, and time release Melatonin combination, but that takes about an hour to fully recover in the AM.

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