The Masochism of Denver Broncos Fandom

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About Jason Davis

Jason Davis is a soccer writer who counts the Broncos among his few non-soccer obsessions and is mostly uncomfortable with Tim Tebow as a quarterback. He writes regularly on soccer for blog KCKRS and the website of the US Soccer players union, freelances for soccer sites around the web whenever possible, and hosts the twice-weekly American soccer podcast The Best Soccer Show.


  1. 1. Halberstam says it wasn’t Pesky’s fault.

    2. My son is a huge Broncos fan, pre-Tebow, for reasons unknown (probably due to his interest in horses and orange). So, we’re strapped in for the ride, too.

  2. The Donkey’s are meant to be suffered, glimpses of brilliance remind us we’re still playing at all. Hope will always survive, but Tebow ain’t gonna take ‘em there.


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