The Sexual Revolution: A Personal History

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About Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith's stories and essays have appeared in over seventy literary journals. His most recent books are "Bad Monkey" (stories, Press 53), "Truth or Something Like It" (novel, Casperian Books), and "Witness" (essays, Sunnyoutside). Find Curtis at or on Facebook.


  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Curtis welcome aboard! What an amazing romp through sex, fatherhood and what it means to be a man. Thank you. Tom

  2. Good stuff, an enjoyable read

  3. Wow, an amazing writer. Im fascinated and have an urge to buy a book!

  4. Your writing is beautiful. That pure expression and quiet reflection is too, too rarely found in masculine writing. But then again-redefinition of masculinity appears to be at least one of the aims of this brilliant site.

  5. The rising tide of easily available erotic material of the past 50 odd years suggests that we men are far more shy and nervous than we admit, and that women are much tougher and matter of fact than they let on in family life.

    I do not see how porn can remain lucrative in a world of broadband, digicams, blogs, and XTube. Why pay to view anything when we swim in a Pacific Ocean of amateur porn that can be viewed for free? Young men porn addicts tell me that they never pay for anything and never go through an age check. There free and unrestricted stuff satisfies all their requirements. “Classy” websites like FemJoy and MetArt give away a lot purely for marketing reasons.

    I haven’t heard of anyone buying or subscribing to Playboy and the like in many years. In the past 18 months, I have begun to see stuff on YouTube that would have been removed last decade. Over the past 2-3 years, women’s behinds have gone completely mainstream. Thong, tanga and all that… By the end of this decade, women’s breasts will cease to be controversial. The status quo — all but the nipple and areola — is silly and meaningless.

    Courts where I live ruled in the 1950s that indecent exposure was pubic hair. The judge who came up with that never dreamed that shaving 90-100% of pubic hair would become female fashion 50 years later! So we are down to the vulva. But the vulva is easy to hide without clothes; she just has to cross her legs. Many women have vulvas that are nearly inconspicuous when they stand, because their vulvas face more down than out. The internet reveals that many women have small breasts. When such women pose erotically, they are very quick to draw attention to the place where their children will be born. You make do with what you have…

    When I was a young man, for a woman to expose her vulva and clitoris was hardcore. It is now softcore, and by 2030 it will be only mildly titillating. By 2050 or 60, indecent exposure will not be invoked against women over a certain age, in any place or time where a bikini is acceptable today. The bikini will be seen as a fine example of the 20th century’s fetishization of the female body, and naked will be seen as more decent and self-respecting.

  6. What a fascinating read. To further prove the point your making about our modern comfort with all things sexual, I was constantly half expecting more lurid and vivid images of your romp through time. My mind is tuned to find overt and unashamed descriptions of sex everywhere. I wonder when the last time I was caught by surprise to see pubic hair or breasts like you so rightly put. Thankyou for this.


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