The Trojan Christmas

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Aaron is husband to a woman far too beautiful to have married him, and father of two sons far too perfect to be his. After nearly a decade as a Boston-area journalist, he decided to actually get paid and became a content manager. When he's not griping about his beloved Boston sports teams, he's detailing life as a dad at The Daddy Files. You can follow him on Twitter (@DaddyFiles) and Facebook.


  1. My dad once announced to my entire extended family…at a wedding…that he loved me, but I wasn’t allowed to bring any more strippers to family functions. I didn’t quite know what to say, but a number of years later my family still reminds me of this wonderful request. Thanks dad!

  2. Nothing so traumatic here – but my mother does the exact same thing re: favoritism and Christmas. My sister and I are three years apart and often got the exact same gifts, but in different colours.

  3. I am making a note. I want my daughter to have a story like this to blog about in 15 years. Classic.

  4. At times, I think parents struggle with how to talk to their kids about sex and growing up. I definitely had a similar experience with my dad handing me a box of condoms as he drove me to college as a freshman. And while it’s definitely awkward and horrible, sometimes having that box of condoms helps facilitate a conversation most parents would otherwise never have. Good story.

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