Amazing Video: Newborn Twins Mimic Embrace from Inside the Womb

Twins show how they embraced before they were born in a special bath that is designed to mimic what they experience in the womb.

In this amazing viral video, you see the special bath which is designed to run water over the faces of two newborn twins. The bath recreates what they experienced inside their mother’s body. And there it is, the gentle resting embrace from the womb that only twins have ever experienced.

I wonder if this moment actually takes them back to the calm safety of the womb? Somehow cushions for them, that first stark transition from the womb into the bright light and sounds of the world? Gives them a respite to marshall their strength for the clamor and adventures which lie ahead of them?

As a father, I see this kind of peaceful expression on the face of my son, at rest or sleeping in the arms of those he loves. When you see your own child like this, it creates such relaxation and calm for us as parents. That’s one reason why this video is so compelling. In it we recognize our own peaceful natures.

What does this video make you think of? Better times? Feeling peaceful? Love?




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  1. As a 53 year old twin, this vid makes me wonder how sharing a womb may have affected me and my brother. We’re close, emotionally, but he lives in AZ and I live in NE. We only talk occasionally, but we see each other every two years or so. We fight like cats and dogs over politics – which often seems unhealthy to me. But the women we each married are so much alike they could be sisters themselves. We could finish each other’s sentences.

  2. This video makes me not help but wonder whether the adult is jamming their heads together at the end. I experienced discomfort watching that

    • Tom Brechlin says:

      It appears that the caregiver was a male … cool. He was lifting them out of the sink is all, there wasn’t anything that I saw discomforting.

      Anyway, there two were together for many months before birth, I would imagine there has to be some kind of instinctive bonding after birth, a comfort level between them.Glad you shared it Mark.

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