Wait, What? You’re Not Supposed to Thaw Frozen Steaks Before Cooking Them?

What sort of evil genius is this Dan Souza guy?

Watch as America’s Test Kitchen (and editor of Cooks Illustrated magazine) totally blows our minds by proving that frozen steaks that were cooked straight from the freezer tasted notably better than the same steaks thawed before cooking.

And the coolest thing about this video is that Souza explains the science behind what makes a steak moist and delicious. I love stuff like that.

Also, like it’s no big deal, Souza tells us that the way we’ve been freezing steaks our whole lives is totally wrong. Yes, totally wrong!

Do note, however, that Souza insists that fresh steaks are tastier than frozen… but if you’re gonna cook a frozen steak, now you know the best way.

h/t Huffington Post

how to cook frozen steaks


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  1. Awesome find, thanks! I always love to learn more about two of my favorite hobbies (cooking and eating).

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