Waiting for the Email That Will Change My Life

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About Bryan Parys

Bryan Parys is an essayist, music reviewer, and instructor of writing at the University of New Hampshire. He earned his MFA in creative nonfiction at UNH in May 2010, where he started work on a memoir titled Wake, Sleeper. The book explores how the loss his father shaped and butted heads with his Christian upbringing.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Even though I am employed, I am constantly clicking over waiting for the e-mail that will CHANGE EVERYTHING. When you’ve got multiple scripts, stories and query letters floating throughout cyberspace, not to mention a band always looking to book gigs and stuff, every (1) in my inbox has the potential to be a big, big deal. Usually, though it’s something like “Your Student Loan Statement is Now Available”.

    • Great to hear–in a solidarity kinda way. I’m glad to hear that you can relate, even with a job, as I think the bigger question here has to do with our anxieties about our “worth” in a society that judges us on our output (see Alain DeBoton’s “Status Anxiety” for a far smarter explanation of this). Thanks for reading! (hope your next email is not about loans. Blech.)

  2. Well done, as usual. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the post-graduate unemployment dilemma, of which I would consider myself a part. I am constantly clicking back and forth through Gmail and Facebook, the latter to keep me “busy” while I wait for something exciting to happen in the former. Is there a solution? I mean, beyond getting a job (nay! a CAREER!). I don’t know. I’ve applied to pretty much anything I think I can do, but I still won’t apply for jobs that will force me to take my MA off my resume. I can’t make myself do it, and that’s pretty prideful of me (hanging around with the Christian crowd too much…). But anyway, it is, and for the betterment of my family, I should probably be cleaning toilets or bagging groceries. But I’m not.

    And at any rate, I’m going about it all wrong, because apparently (according to every self-help article I can get my hands on) it’s all about networking and making your resume look like a twitter account, or some such nonsense.

    Also, I’ve been seeing older men and women in suits trying to go door-to-door getting jobs the old fashioned way. My heart breaks.


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