What a Female Pro Wrestler Taught Me About Courage

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About N. C. Harrison

NC Harrison is a son, seminarian, strongman and brother, sometimes but not always in that order. He received his Master of Divinity in July 2013 and now wonders if he is ready to make his way in the world. He would mostly like people to remember his smoked shoulder, barbecued ribs and char-broiled burgers.


  1. [...] in eighth grade, when all the other kids loved Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock—and before I was introduced to the glorious Goth Goddess Daffney—Mark Henry was my favorite wrestler.  He has remained a hero of mine as I grew older and [...]

  2. […] Beth Phoenix’s face truly did almost implode, AJ’s hero Lita really did break her neck and my own favorite wrestler, Daffney, really has suffered so many concussions that her brains are like roughly three pounds of scrambled […]

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