What Makes a Man Worthy of Love?

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BlaQueer: Born at the intersection of race and queerness; sentenced to time in the Midwest.


  1. Maurice. I love it. Your piece made me emotional. I’m a chubby, short, heterosexual white girl and I TOTALLY resonated with your piece. I am going to have to steal your “I’m worthy” list. It was beautiful.

  2. Yes! Beautiful thoughts. Like Erin, I can relate to everything you say. In my youth, I dated a few narcissistic men who made it clear that I was not “hot” enough for them. It took me many years to realize that I’m deserving of love but I was pursuing relationships with men who could not love me. I had to work on my deep lack of self worth before I could walk not the world expecting to find love. Once I did that, I learned that there ARE men in the world who can love me if I let them.

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