Why I Can’t Watch the Video of the NYPD Murdering Eric Garner


Taxpayer-funded hate crimes, like the murder of Eric Garner, is particularly traumatizing to blacks who are already distrustful of police.

 I shut my eyes instantly when a commercial displaying footage of Eric Garner’s murder appeared on my television to advertise the local 10 o’clock news.

My fingers swiftly swiped by embedded videos of the tragedy on social media.

I haven’t, I won’t and I can’t watch the video of a NYDP officer applying a banned choke hold to Eric Garner, a father of six. You may call it irresponsible journalism, but I call it trauma.

Mostly I’m traumatized by the evil actions of police officers, most white males, who continue to exterminate un-armed black men for sport.  I’m traumatized by the bullshit processes, procedures and policies that eventually lead to the proverbial slap on the wrist for these officers, if any punishment at all.


CLICK PHOTO to read "Black Philadelphians and Their Ungodly Fear of Police."

CLICK PHOTO to read “Black Philadelphians and Their Ungodly Fear of Police.”

I’m traumatized by the narrative “innocent negro brutalized, officer cleared.” I’m traumatized by the frequency of these taxpayer-funded hate crimes, and even more so due to a lack of clear and present solutions.

I’m not the only person, and I’m damn sure not the only black male traumatized by these images, I’m just one of the first to admit it.

The Staten Island incident was not a rare occurrence of unnecessary use of force, but a common practice of brutality to black bodies performed by the NYPD, PPD and other police departments who view themselves as above the law, and perceive blacks as less than human.

We don’t need another large rally demanding justice, what we as black Americans need is political power and the ability to police the police.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m Flood the Drummer® & I’m Drumming for JUSTICE!™

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Photo: AP/Eric Garner, right, poses with his children during during a family outing in this undated family photo provided by the National Action Network

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  1. Wes Carr says:

    The outlook is not totally bleak. A jury in Texas acquitted a homeowner who shot and killed a SWAT cop during a 6am “no knock” raid. Cops need to be reminded that they are not invincible, and actions have consequences.

  2. We need to get past the belief that every black man poses a threat. We all deserve respect. But I don’t need someone to fear me in order to respect me especially if the threat I’m presumed to pose prompts armed police officers to brutalize me in the interest of keeping the peace. As a black man, I can only do so much to stay out of harms way. A comprehensive realignment is needed in what does/does not constitute a threat.

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