Why Kaepernick? Because He’s not Smith

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  1. Really? Comparing Montana to Smith? Montana won 4 SBs for this franchise. Smith has floundered for most of his career. Harbaugh is the one that brought Smith into relevance, not the other way around. Smith also has good numbers/stats because he plays extremely safe or close to the vest. To get to the next level as an offense, you have to upgrade your QB play.

    CK7 is not a fleeting high school crush by Harbaugh. Fun story to read, but I completely dislike the reference. Harbaugh used Smith as a transitional QB until he could get his own in there. It’s evident by several happenings, when Harbaugh took over, he traded up to draft a QB. Then, during the offseason he looked at other veteran QB prospects. Smith knowing that, shopped around for another team as well. The writing has been on the wall for Smith for several years. He is just not a high level elite QB. Harbaugh got him to play just well enough in an amazing system to win games. But when things broke down and we needed a QB to complete third downs and carry the team, when other areas were failing, it was apparent, this is NOT the QB for the future of Harbaughs team. Not even close.

    If Harbaugh and co. can come in and make Smith look good, and win 13 games, it’s time to trust him and enjoy the relevancy that this franchise has now entered and should stay for quite a few years!!!


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