Wisdom of the Elders

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  1. I have nothing to share. There is nothing special about me at all. How could I possibly be inspiring? This isn’t a solution that’s going to be helpful for mediocre, boring drones like myself.

    • Valter Viglietti says:

      @Bob-O: “I have nothing to share.”

      I respectfully disagree.
      Although I don’t know you, I think even “mediocre” people have something good to share. Remember that “mediocre”, or “average”, people are the majority (thanks to statistics ;) ).
      I think being “mediocre” means you have (or do) something good and something not-so-good (like most people, actually). Thus, you think your “bottom line” is around zero (some plus, some minus).
      But the good you do (or are) is different from the good of someone else: hence your own “good part” can be inspiring to someone else.

      Since we’re all different somehow, what is a given and just normal act to me, can be meaningful and uplifting to someone else.
      Maybe you don’t realize (yet) that you have your own gifts; maybe you don’t have around you people who can notice those gifts or aren’t able to express appreciation.
      This doesn’t mean those gifts aren’t there; it just means they aren’t acknowledged yet. Sometimes we have gold in our hands, but we think it’s just rocks.

      I believe that, unless you’re the worst and most negative person in the world (and that would make you someone “special”, not mediocre ;) ), you must have some positive, good, productive trait.
      Even the smallest act have the potential to create goodness.
      Being good doesn’t mean being special; being good means making others feel good, or better.
      Do you never ever make someone feel good? I dont think so. :)

  2. Paddy Murray says:

    Hi Bob-O Thank you for being an inspiration for Valter. Look what a wonderful response you inspired and I totally agree with him. A great sharing Valter.
    I think we all underestimate our capacity to inspire. I walk down to the newsagents to get the paper every morning, with my wonderful beagle Wilson. The school kids are hanging around to catch the bus. Often I pick up some trash, papers butts etc. I realised by doing that I am inspiring the kids – heh here is some old dude who cares enough to pick up trash, so modelling useful behaviour. Just the smallest of gestures can be an inspiration, a smile to the check out girl at the supermarket.
    Bob-O caring enough to make a response to my article is an inspiration, it inspired Valter.
    Just to express our helplessness, vulnerability or fragility to others is an inspiraton to them to own their own reality and to express it. Paddy

    • Valter Viglietti says:

      Yes Paddy, it’s so easy forgetting the importance of little things. Yet they can be life-changing.
      Some times, a little gesture like a kind word of a pat on the back, was enough to stop someone from committing suicide. How powerful! :shock:

      Bob, never forget that “Everybody need somebody” (as the Blues Brothers sang).
      You can choose to be that somebody; just look around you, and you’ll find someone you can give something to.

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