Worse Than Denial: Institutional Betrayal

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The mission of 1in6 is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives. 1in6′s mission also includes serving family members, friends, and partners by providing information and support resources on the web and in the community.


  1. Bingo! By treating sexual activity as a great evil, we also unwittingly discourage our kids from coming forward when things like this happen to them.

  2. I’m a current cub scout leader. If you want to understand what the BSA is doing to protect youth I would suggest you conduct some research into our programs-

    “The Boy Scouts of America is one group advocates say has gone farthest to institute such measures to safeguard kids.” (MSNBC, November 2011)

    “The Scouts’ current prevention policies are considered state of the art and several independent child-protection experts told The Associated Press that the Scouts—though buffeted in the past by many abuse-related lawsuits—are now considered a leader in combating sexual abuse. ‘The Boy Scouts have the most advanced policies and training,’ said Victor Vieth, a former prosecutor who heads the National Child Protection Training Center in Minnesota.” (Associated Press, January 2012.

    For a summary of the Youth Protection Program (probably the best of its kind)- visit http://www.scouting.org/sitecore/content/BSAYouthProtection/BSA_Communications/parent_letter.aspx

    • That’s cool. So why does abuse still happen, and why would your organization only have ever awarded me Eagle Scout if I’d've lied about my sexuality? You REALLY think a culture of self-denial and secrecy in regards to sexuality don’t influence the occurrence of clandestine sexual abuse?

      • Read the links above- if you want to make a link between the policies regarding homosexuality and youth protection in your imagination go right ahead. In reality- such a link doesn’t exist. The Boy Scouts have the best youth protection programs of ANY organization. Period.

        If you’ve got an issue with the policies regarding homosexuality- then stick with that. You’ve got a great point and one that I wish you the absolute best of luck with. If you want to be a Scout or volunteer for Scouts you should be able to.

        However, Scouting isn’t about sex or sexuality. We build leadership skills, learn to try new things, work together, camp, whittle, sing funny songs and have a ball. We also hold a pretty incredible food drive every year. I cannot conceive of a reason to discuss sexual preference with my Cub Scouts- these kids are 7 and 8 years old. I think their parents can handle those topics. I see no need for a sexploration belt loop or academic pin.

        I recently spent a weekend taking our pack camping. I wrangled 30 kids through various activities, corralled them when they tried to wander off, taught 2 little boys to shoot bb guns for the first time, sang God Bless My Underwear, made smores and taught knife safety. I dried teary eyes, bandaided a skinned knee and boosted kids up into climbing trees. We let a bunch of boys just be boys- they ran without being scolded. They shouted without being shushed. They carried pocket knives without being expelled. We didn’t talk about sex, sexual preference, porn, or anything remotely like that. From what I can tell a great time was had by all.

        The things I read here make me shake my head. According to the prevailing points of view- my family and friends are pretty terrible people- We’re moderately affluent, monogamous, straight, mostly Christian, mostly white and spend time volunteering to help our community through scouting, our church and groups affiliated with our faith.

    • These documents are a how not to of child protection. They were written by a bureaucrat with no knowledge of child abuse, and designed to make the adults in the organisation feel like “Something is being done.” They contain no information about what abuse actually is, how common it is, or a warning that stopping abuse means reporting your friends and colleges and seeing them go to jail.

      Really it should say “LISTEN TO AND BELIEVE CHILDREN WHO SAY THAT THEY ARE BEING ABUSED!” then you are responsible for protecting the child, and stopping the abuse.

      Stopping abuse is actually quite simple.

      Compare them to something like this.

      • I should also add that the majority of adult survivors remember telling an adult about the abuse, then nothing happening.

        Children who receive help as children, have told an average of six adults before being protected.


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