Yes, Marriage Actually IS For You

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About Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. He also writes for several publications online and in print all on the topic of marriages, families and men. In his spare time (whatever that is) he is secretly preparing to be the next great chef. You can find him on Twitter @MarriageDr and on Facebook giving great info without the psychobabble.


  1. Nancy Warner says:

    It take 2-people to make a marriage great and only 1-person to ruin that same marriage. A successful marriage is about the commitment to each other’s requests, goals, dreams, and creating an “us” that is confident, strong, and loving. There should also always be the element of fun as well as respect.

  2. Marriage isn’t about me or my spouse. Marriage is all about US TOGETHER. If he thinks of me and I think of him we will meet in the middle.
    Don’t forget about yourself ALL the time but from experience, you truly are a happier person when 80% of the time you are focused on others. Thank you for both articles because life can’t be lived on only one of the articles. Both need each other in order to get it right.

  3. wellokaythen says:

    I would never say that marriage is for everyone. That’s just simply not true. Instead, what I would say is this:

    Your marriage will be what you and your spouse make of it. You and your spouse can create just about any kind of relationship you want. If you see another couple completely unhappy in their marriage, bear in mind that if you get married there’s nothing that says your relationship will be just like theirs. If you see a marriage that’s not right for you, maybe it’s just that KIND of marriage that’s not right for you, and another kind may be.

    Don’t listen to people who tell you what ALL marriage is like or tell you there’s only one kind that works.


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