You Can Be Stubborn and Struggle, or You Can Seek Help

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Curt Moyer is an MFA student at New Mexico State. Read a poem of his here: linkity text


  1. Great essay, Curt! I put off dealing with a lot of issues because I felt like I couldn’t trust anybody…but it feels like you are holding your breath under water…sooner or later you will run out of oxygen and you will inhale water and start drowning….

    A health crisis forces you to line your ducks all in a row…meeting others with similar issues with a therapist, even once, can make a huge difference in your life….I feel supported by spouse and family, and what a world of difference that makes! In the hospital, others remarked on how positive I was and I was giggling and making jokes up until I was discharged….when you feel that people have your back, then you can emit your positive support for others…I guess that’s what they mean by “paying it forward”…

    Thanks for writing such an honest account of your struggle…

  2. I know the main reason I don’t go to therapy is I cannot afford it. My insurance is inadequate and the vast majority of psychologists and psychiatrists do not accept insurance. They generally charge about $200 per session, and even with a “sliding scale” I’d be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 a session. $600 a month on therapy is simply not in the budget. Luckily for me, I AM intelligent enough to deal with it myself. I’m sure it’d be easier if I didn’t have to, but we deal with the situation we have, not the one we want.

    We need a single payer insurance system.

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