Fifty Shades of Grey is Unintelligible as a Novel

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  1. You summed it up quite nicely! Esp the unintelligible part!

    • Olivia Davis says:

      Thank you! I hadn’t heard it analyzed this way and found it fairly compelling as an explanation.

      Fifty Shades Darker is exactly the same way, in case you’re wondering.

  2. Comparing this with the bible, would you say it is more or less unintelligible as a novel? Which makes better nighttime reading while on the road?

    • Charles Emrich says:

      Showing my Godless Heathen roots here, but I’m gonna say that Bible wins for least-intelligible novel. Full of hoary didactic passages, inexplicable genealogical ramblings, characters who come and go at random, inconsistent motivation and rampant tragedy that never gets satisfactorily resolved? Plus, as far I can tell they pretty much ran out of budget at the end and had to cobble something together from sketches on a cocktail napkin.

      Even then, I’m pretty sure they called that move “pulling an Evangelion.”

  3. O.K., so I’m still trying to get a handle on this. I read in the media of the ‘War on Women’. That we need a peice of legislation like the NVWA to protect women from men, and yet there’s a triology of books that even avid fans call “Poorly written” yet it jumps near the top of the NYT bestseller list and it’s been described as “1,200 pages of graphic described BDSM porn” , also it’s got the handle “mommy porn”. Does this mean that deep down, Women WANT THIS (I personally find this sort of ‘Interaction’ disturbing) . I mean, I read married women saying that reading these books actually improves there lobido! Here you have these groups of Women saying “All men are responsible for rape, and then yopu hane these other groups getting ‘turned on ‘ by ‘rape fanasies’!

    • I’m still stuck on the simultaneous complaints of Edward from Twilight being a creepy stalker borderline rapist vampire/Jacob being a possessive werewolf and the fanmoms (fan + moms) that were gushing (figurative and literally in some cases) over them.

      I know different people have different opinions but damn.

      • Olivia Davis says:

        We’re reading the Fifty Shades books (we’re fixin’ to start Freed any time now) partially in order to explore the way those themes from Twilight manifest in them. They’re different, more explicit, more problematized and the Jacob character is almost absent. But Edward/Christian is still very controlling and his stalker tendencies are well-documented.

        We intend to dissect the books very carefully and thoroughly and to talk about the stuff that’s wrong once we’re finished, but you’re absolutely right. Damn.

      • Olivia Davis says:

        Hey, bobbt, thanks for the comment.

        I’d like to take a moment and clear some things up for you.

        There’s a lot of sex in the Fifty Shades books. All of it is consensual and most of it isn’t BDSM sex. A lot of romance novels are rape fantasies. There are a lot of issues with the Fifty Shades books, but there’s no rape in them. The BDSM that’s performed is pretty light. There’s some tying up and some spanking, but nothing extreme and it’s definitely, definitely not just 1,200 pages of the stuff.

        As far as women wanting BDSM or not, it’s a mixed bag. Women, like men, sometimes fantasize about things they’d never do, or even want to do in real life. That doesn’t mean they want it, deep down or otherwise, but merely that it’s a titillating idea.

        But, of course, some women do want it. Some women want it, not deep down, but explicitly and loudly. I’m one of them. And it’s not rape, nor is it problematic for the people who practice it safely and consensually. If you find it disturbing, that’s fine. It’s not for you. But please remember that it can be safe and can make people very happy.

    • My boyfriend was ranting once about how confusing and contradictory women are, and I said only half jokingly, “The key to understanding women is inner conflict.” Women have to grow up with so many mixed messages about your sexuality that sometimes you want contradictory things or you just don’t know what the hell you want. Of course that can be true of men too but I think for women it is particularly pronounced. The NYT had a really fascinating article a few years ago which I will try to find a link to

      • This is the NYT article on female sexuality that I mentioned

        • Olivia Davis says:

          As always, I think the problem is society.

          I think it’s possible that lady sexuality /looks/ contradictory because a lot of ladies have a lot of hang-ups and we aren’t taught to interrogate our desires and find out what really makes us go. Now, to be clear, dudes aren’t really taught this stuff, either, bit I think they have a bit more free reign.

          But, sometimes, consensual non-consent, or some element of force or whatever is your thing, but you want cuddles afterwards. Those things aren’t contradictory. You want one thing, then you want another thing. But they can look very seriously contradictory when we don’t understand them and we’re sure not taught how to understand them. So we look like a mire of confusion. And that blows.

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