California is First to Protect Gay Minors from Antigay “Therapy”

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  1. There’s a great new product available from it’s called AndroForte and it’s a cream applied directly to the testis for maximum absorption and effect

    • I do love the new in-line advertising style on male products! P^)

      I keep finding all of these amazing links to things I would never know about otherwise, from companies and services that have such a wonderfully well hidden net presence and such low marketing budgets!

      It’s such an interesting and amazing way to take that old issue of spam marketing and give it a new twist.

      I’m still wondering though – what does rubbing suspect testosterone on you balls have to do with stopping the psychological abuse and traumatisation of young gay people – and such negative impact legislated against? (That’s not the ball rubbing by the way – I always question legislation that has any imapct on what one may have rubbed on one’s balls. )

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