Class Reunion

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  1. Interesting article, thanks for posting.

  2. Its good to see that those men appear to have seen the error of their ways.

    • Yeah it’s a big relief, Danny. The unofficial motto of my high school class is “never grow up”, but I’m glad they realized that we can mature and learn, without losing the fun-loving, youthful vibe.

      • Yes. I recall on a group that I’m a part of on Facebook someone asked a question about the difference between “kid at heart” and “childish”. Difference being that the kid at heart matures and knows when to get serioues while maintaining a love of things that are generally associated with children while childish is pretty much refusing to mature.

  3. I really enjoyed that. I found this line very interesting: “the role had become comfortable and useful, but it never really fit me” partly because it sort of shows that even though you were pefectly capable as living as a woman if forced to… you’re just… not one.

    I’m so sad about the initial reactions from the high school friends, but I am so glad they saw sense and have realised you’re still the same person, just dressed in a more comfortable you.
    I’m really pleased that they came round to the kind, caring way of thinking and didn’t end up losing a good friend.

    I love the hopeful way the article ends too: “we can expect that a large part of them will be more tolerant to differences and more thoughtful of what is and becomes important to them”

  4. Thanks for your comments, Jack. You’re right, I was able to play the part people expected me to play, but it really was just that – playing a part, not really me. Like you, I’m glad my old classmates have looked past any fear produced by past ignorance and allowed themselves to learn about things that probably held no interest for them before. Sometimes people will not educate themselves on a topic unless and until it affects someone they know. I think this is what happened in my case – only, they had to get over the shock of finding out they didn’t know me as they thought they did first. I’m glad the ending made you hopeful – me too. :)

  5. Quick update: the reunion was this month and it went even better than I hoped – everyone made me feel very welcome. My favorite comment came from a classmate I haven’t seen in about two decades who said, “if you’re happy, I’m happy” as he gave me a tight hug. :)

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