The Year of Drinking Dangerously

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About Sintong Gaspari

Sintong Gaspari is a NYC based lone wolf. Many of his life choices are loosely based on scenes from Paper Moon & The Accidental Tourist.


  1. Man…I know exactly what you’re describing. Some of what you describe had happened to me also; no double it’s happened to all of us. I’m an out gay man in Atlanta wondering how you’re supposed to date in an environment where everything is sexualized. You can’t even meet men without being sized up for the bedroom and judged in a 1000 ways before you even speak a word. If my 300x300dpi profile pic isn’t a cut torso, rippling abs, and slab-like pecs, then I don’t even get a reply.

    Keep the faith, brother, if there’s a faith to keep. I believe there is.

  2. Preach. I live in a highly stylized version of reality, in one of the gay capitals of the world. I consciously avoid any ‘scene’ and try my damnedest to live a fairly normal life (by my standard, no else’s). I’m reasonably attractive, highly intelligent, and fully bored with the superficial world around me. Being alone has its virtues. Enjoy your time with the girls.


  1. [...] am an evil gay man as expressed by many of peers in the community after the ‘release’ of The Year of Drinking Dangerously. I am a pariah who needs to be charged with treason for the ‘inaccurate’ description of the [...]

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