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  1. Lisa Hickey says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, we do have comment moderators. Not all comments get moderated (we get over 6,000 a month and climbing), but certain words will trigger a moderation flag and even comments that don’t get moderated first round can get a warning from us. We also block commenters who are abusive or who don’t follow our guidelines, especially over time.

    We do get quite a few people who are involved in Men’s Rights as commenters here. Certain posts obviously attract more of them than others. We are working directly with many of the MRA’s, as individuals, to find a way that their issues can be heard yet keeps the commenting process civil. We will also be putting in a discussion board/forum so that comments about a tangent issue can be moved over there.

    That said, this is a site for men, and the point is to have a place where men can feel comfortable talking honestly and openly, about often difficult subjects. We don’t want to dismiss people’s opinions just because they may not be popular.

    You can always email me at lisa at goodmenproject dot com if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. I have a question– I really like this website (first time reading on it) but when I get to the comments, it reads like an MRA site. Is there any comment moderation? I also had second thoughts about posting under a female name.

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