19 People Who Think Obama Was Sworn In On a Koran

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  1. Joanna Schroeder says:

    Hahaha! Ridiculous.

    Also, I like your point that it wouldn’t matter even if he were sworn in on a Koran!

    The fact that this is SUCH a huge deal to people makes clear the inherent bigotry they carry toward people of Muslim faith.

  2. Gint Aras says:

    If he were sworn in on a TV Guide, he’d have his hand on the text of the god these people actually worship.

  3. The “second guy” whom you reference at the beginning is, in fact, a stand-up comedian, and he is, in fact, making fun of people like like those cited in your other examples. Pretty funny joke, I think. Its absurdity turns on the “only the 2nd president” phrase.

  4. Mason J Stewart says:

    America made sure President B H Obama understood who He represent.

  5. sigh

  6. wellokaythen says:

    First of all, there is nothing in the Constitution about the President’s oath of office except the oath itself, nothing about how to do it, what to put your hand on, etc. There is nothing in the Constitution mandating that the President be a Christian (if anything, it suggests there is no religious requirement to be President.) In fact, the oath does not include “so help me God.” That’s something that people have added later.

    Now I’ve forgotten my second point, because this whole thing is silly. Something about how most devout Muslims would not actually swear on a Koran because that would be blasphemous. Something about how ignorant people think the Koran is just the Muslim Bible and Muslims use the Koran just like American Christians use the Bible.

    By the way, did you know that Nixon didn’t “swear” the oath of office but did the “affirm” option because he was a Quaker? Clearly Nixon behaved the way he did because of this….

  7. PursuitAce says:

    So why do we care? We have two political sides who despise each other. Of course they will say ridiculous things.

  8. wellokaythen says:

    I don’t get it. Why not spread the rumor that it was TWO Korans instead of just one? Why not tell everyone that he was wearing a turban when he took the oath but it was photoshopped out? Maybe he actually said Allah but it was sound edited to say “God.” Perhaps he had the left hand on the Bible because in many parts of the Middle East the left hand is the hand you use to wipe your ass, so he’s actually trying to insult the Bible.

    Did you know that when he took the oath he was facing East, towards Mecca? I have that on good authority. I know a guy who’s the cousin of a woman married to a man whose brother is next door neighbors to a woman who once worked at the White House. Totally true.

    The second Bible was supposed to belong to the family of MLK, but as we all know, MLK was actually a Communist, so the book was probably Das Kapital.

    Clearly Obama is fiendishly clever. He is so deep undercover as a Muslim that there is no good evidence to show that he is one. He is in disguise as the Worst Muslim Ever – alcohol, pork, no going to prayers, no fasting on Ramadan, still hasn’t gone to Mecca, goes to infidel churches, his government still tortures (fellow?) Muslims. Most brilliant cover ever. The only deeper cover for a Muslim would be George W. Bush, who was the first to host a Ramadan meal at the White House. That guy was the crypto-est of cryptomuslims.

    Whatever. The President swears in the name of one non-existent being instead of in the name of another non-existent being. Two versions of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I can’t get too worked up about that part.

  9. Mason J Stewart says:

    Every time a non-white become popular in a key position the whites scream blooldy mary. Non-whites have made some major contributions and/or sacrifices for this country. Get off the trip. Last time I checked the Jews still rule the world.

  10. Isn’t he using a robinson family bible?
    Should swear in on a hard drive with a gazillion books, then everyone is happy!

    • wellokaythen says:

      Or, to be really in tune with America today, he could just “Friend” the Facebook page of the Oath of Office.

      Or, pencil in the “I swear” bubble of a standardized sheet.

  11. 19 people respond to what I guess is a twitter or something … not worth my time. Article appears to be no more then something to stir things up that don’t need to be stirred. There is an idiot at every turn, why do we pay attention to them … we’re giving them what they want and that’s attention.

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